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Report: Derrick Rose-Tom Thibodeau reunion could be coming

Assistant Coach Tom Thibodeau, left, and Derrick Rose speak during a practice of the men's U.S. National basketball team on Friday, Aug. 15, 2014, in Chicago. The U.S. team will face the Brazilian team in an exhibition game at the United Center in Chicago on Saturday. (AP Photo/Andrew A. Nelles)

Are we about to see a reunion between Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose? It certainly appears possible.

With Cleveland having dealt Rose to Utah on Thursday as the NBA deadline approached, and with the Jazz expected to release the point guard, Marc Stein of the New York Times reported that the Wolves will try to sign Rose if he clears waivers. Stein cited NBA sources in his report.

Stein tweeted that Rose has interest in reuniting with Thibodeau, who coached him for four seasons in Chicago and saw Rose earn NBA MVP honors in 2010-11. The Bulls went 62-20 that season and advanced to the Eastern Conference finals as Rose averaged 25 points and 7.7 assists per game.

Rose, 29, has battled injuries since that time and played in only 16 games with the Cavaliers this season after spending last season with the New York Knicks. Rose was averaging 9.8 points and 1.6 assists with the Cavaliers.

The Wolves expressed interest in acquiring Rose from the Knicks last season but the two teams could not reach an agreement on a deal.

If Rose does sign with the Wolves, it would be interesting to see if it impacts Tyus Jones’ playing time behind Jeff Teague.

  • Mark L

    Stop torturing us with throwing money at people who just aren’t worth it
    Unless just like mauer he’ll give us the hometown screwover like he did to Chicago

    • Brenda

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    • HeWhoKnowsAll

      Newsflash: Thibs is a shitty GM.

  • Jeeves

    Reunion with Noah would make more sense.

    • Ron Green

      Neither do

      • HeWhoKnowsAll

        Neither do. Exactly. Rose is a waste that doesn’t even want to play basketball (and hasn’t since his ACL injury years ago). Noah is always injured and has played less than 82 games the last 3 seasons combined. Hard pass on both.

        • Ron Green

          Dosen’t make sense waisting a roster spot for a couple of has beens.

          • HeWhoKnowsAll

            Not only that, Tyus Jones has been playing very well… Rose and Thibs will have $9 beers thrown at them at Target Center if Rose steals even one minute away from Jones.

          • Ron Green


  • HeWhoKnowsAll

    Is David Kahn running this franchise again?

    • Annie

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  • MC

    Derrick Rose is not very good anymore. He better not be in contention to start if he comes here, he can play sg or nothing because Tyus Jone is this teams futire

  • Topgunn

    I am getting more and more disappointed in Thibs as both a coach AND GM. He plays his starters waaay too many minutes. His offense consistently forgets they have a young star center named Karl Anthony Towns (my goodness Towns has been getting less than 10 shots a game way too consistently). He chose Teague over Rubio (in hindsight, a TERRIBLE choice). Now there’s talk of bringing Derrick Rose in. To what end? To put Tyus Jones on the bench and out of a meaningful role? The Teague experiment with leading this team is a failure and with Jimmy Butler handling the ball in end of quarter/end of game situations, a ball dominant PG isn’t needed. For next season, the T-Wolves need to find a trade for Teague and bring in a couple better 3-point shooters.


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