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Anthony Barr’s injury could open big hole on Vikings’ defense

The Minnesota Vikings’ defense was terrific in Sunday’s win over the Green Bay Packers, but the loss of linebacker Anthony Barr to a concussion could loom large.

Barr, whose hit on Aaron Rodgers caused a broken collarbone for the Packers’ star QB, suffered a concussion in the first half against the Packers and did not return.

The Vikings have gotten exactly what they hoped from Barr this season after a down 2016. He came into Week 6 ranked sixth among inside linebackers by Pro Football Focus ratings and had been excellent rushing the quarterback and in coverage – an area where he struggled at times last season.

Head coach Mike Zimmer praised Barr’s play following the Vikings’ win over the Chicago Bears.

“I’ve noticed more the last two weeks he’s played with a real fire of trying to get to the ball, rushing, all the different things – physicality, making plays,” Zimmer said. “I think he’s starting to see himself more as a dominant play-making kind of guy. The offenses are really trying to take him out of the game as much as they can now. I see it on tape all the time.”

More information about Barr’s injury will be known next week. In his absence, the Vikings used Emmanuel Lamur and kept rookie Ben Gedeon in 4-3 packages. Lamur hasn’t seen much action since joining the Vikings as he picked up just 13 tackles last season in limited duty.

  • linus

    Already pressing the panic button, eh?

  • Peter H.

    NaVorro Bowman ftw!

  • Drediock

    Gedeon is going to be a good player, and Zim has a way with making the best with what he has.
    Plus. We don’t know how severe Barr concussion even is yet to bother being concerned too much

  • Drediock

    Hey Coller. You the same idiot named Coller that used to post over at the Star Tribune a couple of years ago?

  • Brian_pdx

    I was hoping the concussion wasn’t bad and Zimmer was keeping him out worried about retaliation for the injury to Rodgers. It was a clean hit but that won’t matter. Nice to see depth on the Vikings at so many positions.

  • P

    They need to put Eric wilson in that position

    • badzeitgeist

      Yeah, I thought I saw Wilson in on some D plays (as opposed to just special teams) late in the game. We really got some nice pick-up in late rounds/undrafted this year.

  • cka2nd

    Still not sure why we kept Lamur over Robinson after the pre-season. Hopefully, Wilson can step up if Lamur doesn’t.

  • TeslaQuake

    It is sad when you hear fans wanting their team to take a player out because he had a hit that caused one of their players to get hurt.

    Looking at the play a few times I don’t really see anything their. It is debatable that he could have been flagged for a late hit (only because I have seen it before), but definitely not a dirty hit at all, and it really didn’t look like he was driven to the ground. The injury seems to be more caused by Rodgers trying to catch himself as he goes to the ground. The only reason that is in people’s heads is because Aikman kept saying it on the broadcast. If you can’t be convinced by an retired head ref that it was a clean hit then nothing will convince you.

    All this being said, I do hate to see great players go down, because they are what makes the NFL fun to watch. When your team can stop a great player, it makes it much more fun to watch. I can’t wait for him to come back full strength, and see the real battle between our defense and Rodgers.

  • Harold Swanson

    I saw the tackle on Aaron Rodgers, but I missed the Anthony Barr concussion or any mention of it during the broadcast. Was Barr’s concussion a non-contact NFL imposed concussion? How dare Barr tackle a premiere quarterback. Just another reason to question if the NFL is real.


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